Leaders Build Bridges First

Leadership Seminar


A Practical Approach To Understanding How To Build Effective Relationships With Co-Workers And Customers And Learn To Lead Even Without a Title.

It is sometimes said that people buy from people they like and people follow people they trust.

As we go through life and grow our careers, we must interact with people everyday. The quality of our life will be greatly affected by the quality of the relationships that we will build. They say that ninety percent of the art of living consist of getting along with people you cannot stand and that in getting along with others, ninety eight percent of the time, it depends on our behavior with them.

This seminar will enable participants to appreciate and have a better awareness that no matter how much work you can do and no matter how engaging your personality may be, you will not advance far in your career if you do not learn the concept of working through others. As Eisenhower once said “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”

From This Seminar, Participants will be able to :

– Learn that you don’t need titles to lead.

– Learn the secrets to effective Execution and Communication!

– Learn how to influence as effective leaders!

– Learn the “Art Of Reframing”.

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Leaders Build Bridges First Is About Learning How To :

1.Get customers to want to buy from you.

2.Get subordinates to willingly work with you.

3.Get bosses to listen to your ideas.

4.Get co-workers to follow your lead.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers / Senior Managers who want to inspire their teams
  • Executives who want to gain more leadership skills
  • Newly promoted managers and executives who need to lead

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About The Speaker Ir. Soon SL

Ir. Soon is a Professional Engineer and a member of the IEM. He attended the Senior Executive Program at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland. He is a Member of the Malaysian Institute Of Management and also a Certified Professional Trainer. He has extensive experience in Management and Leading teams of Managers and Engineers, having being involved in the Elevator and Construction Industry for more than 30 years. Ir. Soon is a Past President of the Malaysian Lift and Escalator Association (MALEA).  Ir. Soon is the author of the book, “BUILD THE BRIDGE FIRST”, an Inspiring Story On How To Build Great Relationships And Lead Your Team In Ways You Never Thought Possible.


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