Lifts & Escalators

Understanding How To Design And Plan Lifts & Escalators Systems In Buildings


To understand the planning and design of Lifts and Escalators in any building you should first know what are the laws and regulations governing such equipment in that country.

For Malaysia, the two important laws and regulations are as follows:

  1. Factories and Machinery Act 139 – [Click here to download a FREE COPY of the Act]
  2. Factories and Machinery Act Lift Regulations [Click here to download a FREE COPY of the Lift Regulations]

For building owners and end users alike the 3 basic requirements of any vertical transportation system in a building are safety, reliability and efficiency in moving people and goods within the building. To achieve this, one must understand the concept of good elevator/escalator design, the essence of proper installation and maintenance and obligations of legal and statutory requirements in terms of complying with the latest regulations and by-laws.


Understanding proper elevator design approach ensures adequacy of service while achieving a high level of space utility in a building. Ensuring a proper installation is critical to efficient performance of system and impacts of the reliability of the equipment in operation. Adopting a proper maintenance program will ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation of the Vertical Transportation System.


Lift Traffic Analysis

To learn how to about Lift Traffic Analysis and elevator planning and design, you must first understand what are the key considerations in considering building population as well as how to estimate number of lifts and speed of lifts.

The following are two very useful reference guides to help in considering building population and estimating speed and quantity of lifts to to consider when making Lift Traffic Study:

  1. Hitachi Planning Guide [Click here to download FREE COPY]
  2. Toshiba Traffic Planning [Click here to download FREE COPY]




















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