Beautiful Mittenwald, Germany

I think Mittenwald in Germany is one of the most beautiful towns in the Bavarian Alps. It has somehow retained that quaint tradional architectural character found only in the Alpine villages by maintaining a balance between conservation and the needs of tourism. Its medieval prosperity is reflected on its main street, Obermarkt, which has splendid houses with ornately carved gables and brilliantly painted facades. How true that it is sometimes called “a picture book town that comes alive,” and it still is. The town has even re-created the stream that once flowed through the market square.

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In 1684 Matthias Klotz, a farmer’s son turned master violin maker, returned from a 20-year stay in Cremona, Italy. There, along with Antonio Stradivari, he studied under Nicolo Amati, who developed the modern violin. Klotz taught the art of violin making to his brothers and friends and before long, half the men in the village were crafting the instruments, using woods from neighboring forests. Mittenwald became known as the Village of a Thousand Violins and the locally crafted instruments are still treasured around the world.

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Located very near to the town, about 15 minutes walk from the town centre, is a beautiful waterfall.

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If you visit Mittenwald towards the end of each winter you can join in to celebrate with the town folks and tourist alike in the welcoming of Spring festival.

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Going For Walks Around Mittenwald

There are many walks that you can do around Mittenwald or you can even walk to the nearby towns, have lunch there and then take a local bus back to Mittenwald

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It’s absolutely magical! A Senior’s Dream Village in the Bavarian Alps that you must visit.

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